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Afia, Inc. is a healthcare technology consulting firm that assists organizations in adopting technologies and strategies based on their unique needs and goals. The results include streamlined operations, efficient coordination and communication, and improved outcomes for your client population.

Quite simply, we are technology people without software products to sell. That frees us up to help healthcare organizations navigate the sea of possible technology options and advocate for our client's needs.

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What does Afia do exactly?

What does Afia do Exactly?

  • We specialize in assisting healthcare clients through the vendor selection process, which includes determining the software and hardware that will best fit their organization’s needs
  • We manage the implementation of many different types of applications, helping to align the client’s needs to the vendor’s solutions
  • We train and educate staff on how to use the software that is selected, and provide management and support long after the software is installed
  • We conduct comprehensive analyses of your organization’s hardware infrastructure, helping to create more effective environments for your staff and clients

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